Holiday Hours and Why We Open (Or Don’t)

Ever wonder why some businesses are closed on holidays? Or more likely, wonder why they are open? Well, I’ll tell you how I like to handle that at Cafe Luna.

If you’ve ever visited a service establishment on a holiday, chances are the people working clearly don’t want to be there. Sometimes they do, but mostly not. Some businesses draw straws, or make the new guy open up on Christmas morning. Some places employ a rotation where everyone cycles through and ends up with a turn. Lots of industry workers know holidays can be real money shifts, too. So they volunteer. Cool.

While I’d never force someone to work a holiday, and I’d rather they spend time with their families or grill out with friends, I also want to be open for business. So I leave it up to them. If my barista usually works Tuesday and it happens to be Christmas, does she want to work? Yes? Cool, I’ll bake some goods so she can have some stuff to sell. No? Day off for everyone! By automatically closing because it’s Christmas, I’d essentially be taking money out of her pocket – not a good thing.

Rest assured, if we are open, your barista wants to be here!

Now I have to go wrap some presents.

Happy Holidays!


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