You Can’t Match Scratch

Every morning, flour gets weighed by the gram. Secret bagel poaching liquid gets a simmering. Yeast proofs. Bananas get mashed. Dough rises.

Why? Because that’s how we get delicious. Yes, we’re a coffee house. But so many coffeehouses have not-so-good snacks. They may beat us in variety on a given day, but delivered goods will never beat made in house.

Have you ever tasted homemade chocolate sauce? Or homemade vanilla syrup? Delish. You’ll never enjoy a mocha as much as you will when it’s as labor love-intensive as ours.

Chai? No question. Infinitely better from scratch. Cardamom, peppercorns, cinnamon, anise, ginger, cloves, tea leaves and water. That’s all.

We apologize in advance if we sell out of your favorite goodie, but know that it’s in the interest of freshness. We can always bake more.

And we will.

See you soon.


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